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A really exciting mixture of things are converging in robotics analysis, which may usher in robots that might—just might—make it out of the lab and into our homes. Tennessee’s GOP-dominant Senate has unanimously signed off on legislation requiring minors to have parental consent to create social media accounts. Tesla has settled a lawsuit brought by the family of a Silicon Valley engineer who died in a crash whereas relying on the company’s semi-autonomous driving software program. Internet service suppliers will be required to be extra transparent about the fee and performance of their web service packages, because of new FCC rules that take impact this week.

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The platform will use AI-powered systems to detect nude pictures and determine sextortion accounts. Our relationship with technology has a far deeper historical past than it appears, argues the philosopher and writer Tom Chatfield in his guide Wise Animals. The US is introducing new environmental protections aimed at limiting long-lived PFAS chemical substances in faucet water, but these are only the tip of a very persistent iceberg.